Restaurants and caravan

Planning this trip I’ve never really thought about rest days. I’va always imagined myself wandering and resting in some nice cities. How wrong I was. During my 4 days in Sarajevo I spent a lot of time resting, planning  or just reading in the hostel. And I’ve never realized how tired I was before stopping, I just thought I could have kept riding during the day and camping at night for other two weeks without any problems. And, again, I was wrong.
After this (much needed) break I kept riding towards Mostar and unsurprisingly I got lost exiting the town; I found myself under the rain on a small, not asphalted road which had one of those horrible slopes thmat streets in Sarajevo can offer, I couldn’t pedal anymore and I had to push the bike. All of that was done to avoid a gallery which I later found out to be only 100 meters long. Making a long story short I got lost again and at the end of the day I was in Ilidza, just a few kilometers from the center of Sarajevo, where some turkish boys offered me a room for the night (another long story, I hope they enjoyed the bike excursion to Kakanj they were planning for the following day).
Next morning I was finally ready to take the right road to Mostar and it was an enjoyable big day on the bike. Exiting the last gallery of the day, close to Jablanica and with one hour of light left, rain started to fall and I began my search for a place where to spend the night, asking at restaurants along the road where I could pitch my tent. At one of these restaurants the owner spoke italian (he lived for some time on the Garda lake, but now his family moved to Holland so he spends half of the year in Bosnia and the other half in Holland) and offered me to sleep on the terrace of the restaurant, which was protected from the rain. However I ended up sleeping inside the restaurant, between the tables, on a nicely heated room.
The next day I kept my ride to Mostar; the Neretva river and the mountains that surrounded the road created some beatiful landscapes, but it soon started to rain and I arrived in Mostar being on a very bad mood and I kept riding until a tiny village named Blagaj. Here I met Tarik, a young boy who owns a cafè and a campsite, where I’m staying for the night, again protected from the rain inside a caravan. Anyway the warm welcome which I received from Tarek and his friend made my day; they treated me to pita and cevapcici and I’ve been instructed about Blagaj’s history and main attractions: the source of the Buna river and a fort where Catherine of Bosnia was born. They also told me that this bosnian queen fled in Italy, where she died; it was one of the first time that someone was mentioning Italy without speaking about football’s teams or the Bologna process.
I haven’t visited yet anything of this, I’m instead idly sitting at Tarik’s cafè, wondering about tomorrow’s route, still uncertain if taking a mountainous road which would bring me to Montenegro or a flat road that would take me straight to the coast.
P.s. I apologize for the lack of pictures which might probably make the post more bearable, but I have to upload them to a computer first, which I don’t have. Must find a solution for that!



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