New routine

Written on the 18th of november

I’m slightly adapting to the new routine on the road: packing stuff in the morning, cycling, eating, cycling again, looking for a place where to spend the night before darkness comes. And i also have to wonder about food (frozen nutella tastes better than i tought) and water. I have in fact little time for myself. Today, for instance, between the first time the alarm sounded and the time I was ready to start riding more than two hours were spent eating, taking care that things (and myself!) didn’t get too wet (it was raining) and loading the bike. I guess that the lithuanian boy I met yesterday outside Selce is not facing these kind of problems with his 20 L backpack that he is bringing along as he hitchikes from Norway down to Albania.
The biking part has been quite enjoyable so far; riding under the sun through Istria and along the croatian coast, from Rijeka to Senj. The atmosphere on this part of Croatia is quite surreal tough, villages are desert, bars and restaurants are closed and everyone is waiting for the summer, new (elegant) houses are being built, old ones restores and I take advantage of this sleeping sleeping on closed campasites or in houses under construction. This was until I decided, in Senj, to turn left, leave the coast and go towards the mountains and towards different landscapes.
I’m starting to leave my movements with changs in the language, in Istria everyone spoke Italian, on the coast most people were speaking German, here between Otocac and Plitvice sometimes I have to use gestures to let people understand what I’m looking for.
Also the landscape is changing, today climbing towards the Vratnik pass hills turned into mountains, the sea slowly disapperead to leave space to the forest and distances between villages increased. At a certain point a car stopped and offered me a lift and, as I refused, I was offered a piece of bread, a tomato and some salami (and yes, I ate everything, included the salami); riding up a 700 m pass under the rain it was a quite delightful moment.
For tonight I’ve taken a room (this mornij I’ve failed in not making the tent become wet) close to Plitvice, where I’m headed tomorrow, before enering Bosnia, where there will be other cycling, other mountains and probably other languages.
P.s. If you are wondering about my plan of getting to Budapest and so on, forget it. Plans have changed.

P.s.2 on this page you can see my actual position updated once or twice per day. All thanks to a very nerdy GPS device.


3 risposte a “New routine

  1. Well, judging by your writing your mood seems to be ok 🙂 Nice thing this with the tracking system. To be fair, I kind of envy you… I am sure nice landscapes show in front of and leave behind you. keep on riding and take much care!!!

  2. envy, seriously thinking of leaving physics as a “spare-time hobby” and take the road. maybe next year. Divertiti e riguardati!

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