The so long waited day has finally arrived. Last Thursday, on an unexpected sunny day, I fully loaded my bike for the first time and started riding. Some friends came to say goodbye before I left, a few of them even rode with me for the first one or two days; thanks to everyone who showed up.

A few days of riding brought me to Trieste, where I’ll remain for some days, (already) resting, wasting time in Internet and meeting friends, before starting to ride again. First days of riding have been quite relaxing and quite uneventful, the main goals were to arrive to Trieste by Sunday evening, before the arrival of a predicted storm (the storm has actually arrived Sunday in the early morning meaning that I covered the 100+ kms that separated me from Trieste under the rain) and to get used to ride such a heavy bike; I mainly slept by friends that lived along the way and rode in asphalted and flat streets. And I got lost only twice in four days.

Apart from resting and meetig some friends I have a set of small tasks which I should accomplish into the next days, such as defining the route for the next weeks (I’m drawing lines on a map, but the idea is to first go to Budapest, then heading south, detouring in Bosnia and finally riding towards Istanbul. If someone has some nice suggestions they’ll be hugely welcome!), upload some maps on my otherwise useless GPS and reduce the weight of my bags, which now amounts to a crazy 40 kilos (sadly, I already had to leave home a printed copy of Infinite Jest, now I’ll probably need to get rid of some juggling stuff).

This is a tentative route to get to Istanbul. As I said I’m just drawing lines on a map. If it becomes too cold I’ll just follow the Danube.



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