An introduction

Why cycle? And why to Australia?

To be fair I don’t really have a satisfactory answer to that. I have a lot of partial answers; I like travelling, I like bikes, I’ve been to Australia and had a great time there, etc… but there’s no complete answer to these questions actually. Then there are a lot of other small coincidences which made everything easier (I’m finishing university, so that I don’t have to quit any job, I have some time to work and save money, and others), but I’m afraid that I don’t have a rational one line answer (but if you ever were to ask me how to describe something in a sentence or so, I would certainly not be able to do that and I would either say a very long and very boring list of things (in the fastest and incomprehensible way I can), or I would start a sort of reasoning, which after five minutes is pointing at the opposite direction of your question).

For sure Internet helped a lot, but the initial idea was mine. I haven’t read something and thought: “wow, that’s cool, I have to try this as well”, but I rather thought:”It would be cool to go by bike to Australia, let’s see what the Internet says about that” (this actually happened on a sleepless night on a bus in Bolivia, close to  Tupiza. The day after, when I checked, Internet seemed to give a positive answer (actually Internet seems to have a positive answer for pretty much everything, so I don’t know how much positive that is)). As I get back home I started doing some more serious searches which basically strengthen my initial idea.

Next, came the next big step (at least to me), that was communicating my choice to others. It was a very slow and cautious process, so I started saying that maybe after university I wanted to do a trip, after a while I started linking the words bike and Iran with the idea of the trip (but speaking only of that, without ever mentioning the idea of arriving to Iran by bike, not to speak about the fact of not stopping there, but keeping going) and after having made sure that also this idea was digested I finally felt brave enough to speak about that without (almost) any problems. I also have to say that I have used a couple of friends as guinea pigs and that was really helpful, thanks!

So, here I am now, trying to choose the right route (which is more or less chosen. All the possible detour (like why not enter Iran through Armenia instead of Turkey? (ok, that’s quite unrealistic, in East Turkey it will be so cold that I will probably just wanna run out of there as fast as I can) will be probably chosen on the way) and the right equipment (so much harder! There are so many options (and all so expensive) that the departure date could come without me having yet bought a tent) and getting prepared for a year, or more, on the road.



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